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We Are The Catalyst - "Tomorrow"

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Artist Bio:

We Are The Catalyst was formed in Varberg, Sweden, by Catrin Feymark and Kenny Boufadene in November of 2012.

After several years of touring and releasing albums as members of the Swedish Modern Metal act One Without, both Kenny and Catrin felt the need to do something different from what they had previously done both musically and ideologically.

The first single "Beware of Snakes" was released in November of 2012 which also meant that the band started to receive attention from media and fans around the world. The second single "This is Paranoia" was released in December together with the bands first music video. Next in line was the release of the cover of "Swedish House Mafia's" hit song "Don't You Worry Child", also this time together with a music video. The cover was well received by fans of both acts, with many SHM fans claiming that they did not expect to like a rock cover of the song, but that they had been positively surprised.

A few releases later and the band released their first EP; "Panem Et Circenses" on May 2nd 2013, and are now working on their full-length debut album.

About The Video:

We got in touch with Grzegorz Jonkajtys, (who has worked on movies such as Transformers, Terminator Salvation, Cloud Atlas, Pacific Rim, Star Trek Into Darkness, Sin City, Pans Labyrinth and many more) through our manager, and loved what he had done with his short film "Legacy", so we started talking about a possible collaboration and ended up doing the video for "Tomorrow" using "Legacy" as the storyline, with a fantastic result!

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