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A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

PseudoNympho - "Matryoshka"

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Artist Bio:

"Once upon a time… 4 guys from Yorkshire and a drummer from just outside Chicago decided to make music together, combining all their influences, from Alice In Chains to Bowie... From The Wildhearts to Tool… From Mastodon to Neil Young… From Pantera to Mogwai, Ad Nauseum.

We founded and run our own record label because that is both an interesting challenge, and a much better way of getting our music out there than waiting potentially forever for another label to snap us up.

We play music we find interesting, and which is idiosyncratic to us as a band and as people."

"Wolfgang C. Bailey and his cohorts pull no punches with their socially-conscious, super-charged, ass kicking/take no prisoners modern metal! PseudoNympho, who have a name that I find equally weird and appealing, knock down the doors of traditional rock and roll and slam the listener repeatedly over the head with heavy music that is thankfully also intelligent and insightful..."


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About The Video:

The video was filmed in 2 unique locations: The basement of Zetland Bar, Huddersfield, whilst undergoing refurbishment; and at Clayton Reservoir, Lancashire. Clayton was a 120 year old Victorian reservoir and was demolished the day after filming.

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