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The Obvious - "Mercy Burns

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The Obvious - "Mercy Burns"

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Artist Bio:

The Obvious With our last two EP's recorded by The Bouncing Souls Pete Steinkopf at Little Eden Studios in Asbury Park, NJ, TheObvious brand a signature sound that combines the best elements of early 90's Alternative and Late 70's Punk, with the twist of our own unique perspective binding these two classic genres. A must for any music fan who champions visceral experience and sing-along, gravel-slinging, true Rock and Roll.

About The Video: Visceral, direct, and aggressive, The Obvious' second video from the album 'Duress' stuns with a warped and hallucenogenic take on Alternative-Punk.

Director Name: Rob Vornkahl
Producer Name: Travis Meyers, JT Habersaat

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